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As indicated in the previous post, we are in Athens at the moment. It wasn't a plan to spend more than a few hours in Athens on the way from Milos to the airport but bad weather approaching took us from the island early. As you know, we left just in time to escape the blackout. More evidence of the turning weather was apparent on the ferry trip. The boat bounced and swung for the whole three hours, inspiring nausea with every new lurch. We came through without incident but not without concern, while others were not so lucky. The pale, quivering stream of fellow passengers into the amenities testified to that.

We landed at about midnight, found our lodgings and checked in. A small room with a bathroom door that won't close, the smell of cigarettes in the sheets and, most shockingly, a half-flush button that gives full flush!

Upon waking yesterday we decided there was no need to spend much time in the room and we headed off to spook the ancient city. We saw shops, beggars, cafés, market stalls and ruins. Ruins are in pictures below, as is the view from the ruins.

Today we catch a plane. The trip is almost over. Please do not stop checking in on us- there are further photos to add and further points to make from the comfort of our own den.

Bon voyage, Europe!



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And now for the island of Milos!

We arrived late in the evening and headed straight past the taxi and room hawkers in the direction of our hotel. When we got there we realised we had been so determined not to get sidetracked that we walked right past a chap holding a card with our name on it who was there to pick us up. We apologised politely and were shown to our room which had been upgraded! That was a happy result after a long day trying to keep out of the hazardous winds at Sifnos.

The next day we spooked a little and then headed off to Plaka for some octopus eating and curio gawking. Good octopus.

The next morning we headed off to Paliochori beach. It was quite nice as you can plainly see from the photos. There was swimming, there was more octopus to eat and there were naked old people to avoid. For dinner we ate lamb that they cook in the ground using the heat from the volcanic goings on beneath our feet. It was tender, so tender.

We used the next day to go to Papafragas which is not really a beach, more of a rocks-meets-sea type of go. Cool rocks though, as can also be seen below. After looking at the rocks we wandered to Pollonia which had a beach but it was too windy for even the bravest of the aged to flip flop about on. Free WiFi at the cafés though which kept us entertained.

On the last day we visited Tripiti which had some rad views of the sea and also the entrance to old catacombs. We missed visiting hours for the catacombs and our exploring was cut short when we noticed that further along the path a young couple were getting busy on each other. And I mean bi-zay. We turned back around, bussed home and grabbed our stuff to wait for the ferry to take us to Athens. Fifteen minutes before the ferry was due, the island plunged into darkness due to a sudden blackout. The local Coast Guard took charge though and everything ran smoothly with mooring and departure.

Now? Why, now we are in Athens. But that's another story...




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Hello friends. I would like to address an issue. You may recall that whilst in Sighisoara I promised photos of a torture museum and yet these photos never appeared? You are no doubt wondering now if I can be trusted, if I am the open and honest blogworker you took me at first to be. Please, sit back down and allow me to explain.

We did go to the torture museum. Wait! Hear me out. I didn't blog words or pictures because, frankly, I quite forgot I'd even been there. It was one dank, cramped room carved from mountain rock, with a ladder apparently once used for torture and some information taped to the walls about torture techniques- information freely available to anyone who can use Google (i.e. Anyone). The only really horrendous thing, the only inhuman and sadistic facet, was that it cost money to enter and further money for photo taking. Barbarians!

So, now that I have told my heart-wrenching (and, I hope, mitigating) story, I trust we can still be friends and I can continue to guide you through Europe.

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We are on a Greek island called Sifnos! We came by ferry from the port of Athens. We originally read the tickets incorrectly by two hours and only realised with fifteen minutes until the boat left, resulting in a hysterical and strenuous dash with our packs to the other end of the port. Before you start to wonder why we were laughing at such a moment I suggest you look up the various meanings of "hysterical" in your handiest Funk & Wagnells. You'll find it right between "hyptheria" and "hytserectomy".

Since being on the island we have spent one day on the beach, spacing out beers and swims and Agatha Christie reading. Then today we explored...

We caught a bus from Kamares, where we're staying, to Apollonia. From there we decided to walk to the cliff-rimmed town of Kastro. The walk became demanding once we left Apollonia and the tender respite of shops & cafés and the welcoming shade of eucalypts fell away and we found ourselves winding in great circles down a mountain in hot sun. Over very welcome iced tea at the end, we decided not to do the walk again.

We spooked the circumference of Kastro, taking photos (see below) along the way. We also saw some mountain goats who seemed to eyeball me with some malice.

Dayna and I then climbed down the rocks to a restaurant where we had fresh octopus. It was very delicious. The staff kept touching me every time they came past, a fad which still I do not understand.

After lunch we went to the bus stop and realised the next ride back to Apollonia was almost three hours away. We despaired and rested briefly in the shade of a gutter before making the decision to trek back along the desolate and exposed mountain road. Dayna poured water on a towel and wore it on her head to prevent feeling her body shutting down (see picture below).

We made it just in time for a bus home and a well earned nap/beer. Later, for dinner, I dined on irony by ordering goat. Perhaps the very same goat that glared at me earlier? Or merely a relative? Either way, when they brought the plates, it was clear that justice was served.





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This is right beside us where we have beers. It's a church and it's worth noting as a) it's older than anybody you know and b) the tower looks kind of like a skull


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